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Tips for Singers with Acid Reflux

Singers who develop acid reflux can have difficulty singing sometimes. Loss of voice, scratchiness, and sore throats are common symptoms of acid reflux. Since a singer uses their diaphragm, stomach, and throat to sing, this could be very painful and the sound quality of a singer’s voice could change.

Here are a few tips for singers with acid reflux.

Note: If a singer is suffering from shortness of breath, dizziness, cough, loss of voice, or other symptoms they have never suffered before, they should contact a doctor and get a diagnosis. Only then, can the singer take these precautions to keep acid reflux from ruining their career or their enjoyment they get from singing.

A singer will have to change their diet once they have been diagnosed with acid reflux. Most singers do not drink carbonated beverages before a performance. It is a good idea to follow this rule every day, regardless of whether they will be performing or not.

Carbonated beverages can aggravate the stomach and cause more acid to be produced. This acid will travel to the esophagus and cause pain. Switching to water is a better idea. Acid reflux can come and go in a person’s life. Changing one’s eating habits will also help to keep acid reflux from returning. Stay away from foods that are greasy or that are saucy. These foods can cause the stomach to produce more acid.

The next tip for singers with acid reflux is to exercise everyday. This will help keep the body active, which will keep acid away and help a person have more stamina when performing. Exercise gives the body more strength to fight colds and other problems.

When a person exercises regularly, they are better able to digest food. This will help when a person has acid reflux disease. Food will be digested more easily without the help of stomach acids. Keeping the acid production to a minimum will help anyone who suffers from acid reflux.

Stress levels can also cause the stomach to produce more acid than it needs during the day. Before a performance, this may be the case. Use mediation or relaxation exercises to help this problem. Keeping the body calm and relaxed will help keep acid levels down. Cutting out other stressful situations in one’s life will also help.

Staying focused on one’s performance will lower stress and keep the acid from being produced. Getting a restful sleep is the fourth tip for singers who have acid reflux disease. This too can reduce stress and help the body digest food that was eaten during the day.

The last tip is not to eat before bedtime. Many times, singers eat later at night, after performing. This can cause acid to be produced because the body will begin to slow down before bedtime. The body will not digest the food as quickly, so acid is produced to help. Do not eat three or four hours before bedtime. This will help keep acid levels low.


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